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Why Solar Pool Heaters Are A Great Idea Get 5 Free, No-Obligation Quotes From Top Phoenix Pool Builders in the your Area!

August 23, 2009

Why Solar Pool Heaters Are A Great Idea

Solar swimming pool heaters have one the quickest payback times of any alternative energy investment. In my opinion, anyone who owns a swimming pool ought to use free energy from the sun to heat their pool.

Solar pool heating is basically practical because most people don’t expect to use their pools in sub freezing temperature. Because of this, pool heating systems can have a much simpler design.

Solar pool heaters use essentially the same simple technology that was used in solar hot water heaters of the late 19th century (many people are surprised that solar hot water systems have been around that long).

Every swimming pool has a pump that continually circulates the water through filters and the heater. With a solar swimming pool heating system, a solar heater replaces a gas or electric heater.

Because most the of the expensive parts of the system (the pumps, filters, etc.) are required anyway, there is little cost differential in using a solar heater. in most situations, a solar pool heater pays for itself within one or two seasons. After that, the pool owner saves money year after year.

The principle of most solar pool heaters is simple. You’ve seen it demonstrated if you’ve left the garden hose full of water laying on the lawn on a sunny day. When you next turn on the hose, warm water will come out. That water was heated by the sun.

Someone could make their own solar pool heating system simply by coiling a long length of plastic tubing, position it where it gets good exposure to sunlight and diverting the pool water through it. a committed do-it-yourselfer might enjoy that. Most people prefer  an off-the-shelf package.

Commercially produced systems generally look better than homemade  and are more efficient..

A great website to find out about all forms of alternative energy is Alternative Energy Primer.

Their page explaining solar swimming pool heaters (Solar Pool Heating) has a lot of information on solar pool heating systems.

For example, it explains the factors you need to take into account when choosing your solar pool heating system. It will also give you an idea of of just how much money you can save.

If you have a swimming pool, using the energy of the sun is a win-win situation. It extends your swimming season, save you money and saves the environment.

So again, visit Solar Pool Heating to get more info. They also have links to great sources of solar pool heaters if you want to look into it even more.

By all means enjoy your pool, but be environmentally responsible about it.

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